3D-HydrO2 Facial

The 3D-HydrO2 Facial machine is a multi-technology platform that targets an array of facial concerns including anti-ageing, congestion and skin brightening
How it works

The 3D-HydrO2 is the ultimate Five Star Facial

The 3D-HydrO2 Facial uses a combination of seven advanced technologies to target an array of universal skin concerns including dehydration, skin-ageing, loose skin, dull complexion and congestion. 

Achieve incredible results

Areas that can be improved with this treatment

The 3D-HydrO2 Facial uses a combination of seven advanced technologies to target an array of universal skin treatments including all of the below:

3D Hydro Peel

Uses a combination of three solutions to cleanse and smooth the skin using an AHA based solution. It hydrates and nourishes the skin using an RH-Oligopeptide-1 and Acetyl Hexapeptide base. Bacteria and inflamed skin are improved using a BHA based solution.

Creates ‘the Bohr effect’, allowing oxygen to be drawn into the skin. The active ingredients used are Kojic Acid and Retinol which result in a hydrating and brightening effect.



The spray creates a venturi effect, breaking down the molecules within the product to encourage penetration and skin hydration.

Ultrasound technology, is used for product infusion. This treatment can be used alongside the 3D-Professional Solutions Time Defence Expression skincare range, for anti-ageing and hydration around the areas where fine lines and wrinkles are likely to appear. 3D solutions masks can also be used.


Skin Lifting

This treatment uses electroporation to increase the absorbency of the cell for product penetration. This, in turn, revitalises and ‘wakes up’ dull and lifeless skin.

Radio Frequency technology increases collagen reproduction in mature skin. Skin Tightening is ideal for incorporating into an anti-ageing facial.

Skin Tightening

Fire & Ice

The ‘fire’ represents the heat element during treatment. Using this applicator, heat is incorporated into the beginning of the facial protocol to open the pores, increase blood supply and aid product infusion. The ‘Cryo facial’ uses cooling technology, chilling the skin down to 5℃. This is used at the end of each facial to decrease the blood supply, giving a tightening effect and sealing in the infused products. This also helps to reduce any erythema following treatment.

5 Star Facial

The #fivestarfacial provides the complete facial solution to target an array of universal skin concerns.

For all skin types

Targeted treatments can be customised to all skin types to deal with dehydration, skin-ageing, loose skin, dull complexion and congestion.

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How much each treatment costs

Time Defence Facials

Starting from £60

Time Defence Express £60

Time Defence Facial £100

Time Defence Facial Plus £130

This facial is designed to improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, slackened skin and will promote a more youthful appearance.
Combining take home products, multiple technologies and peels you can be assured that there is no match to the results that can be achieved. If your concerned about visible signs of ageing or has extensive sun damage will benefit from these products and facial treatments.

Skin Brightening

Starting from £60

Skin Brightening Express £60

Skin Brightening Facial £100

Skin Brightening Facial Plus £130

This facial is designed to improve the appearance of uneven skin-tone and pigmentation regardless of age or skin type. By combining specific Chemical Peels, take home products and specific technologies we will be able to treat the most stubborn pigmentation.

Clear Skin

Starting from £60

Clear Skin Express £60

Clear Skin Facial £100

Clear Skin Facial Plus £130

This facial is deigned to an oily acneic patient (with no open lesions). It is highly recommended that Beta Hydroxy Acid Peels, take home products and technologies are combined to help control, maintain and prevent acneic conditions whilst slowing down sebum production.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find a number of questions answered by our team of experts that will help you better understand the treatment

3D-HydrO2 Facial

During a 3D-HydrO2 facial, your therapist will choose from one or all of the available technologies to create completely bespoke treatment packages.

The results from this treatment will vary depending on which facial you choose. However, all of theses facials result in a smooth, hydrated and glowing appearance. Our anti-ageing facials will also display a tightened finish to the skin while our congestion facial will help with skin texture and bacteria.

You may experience minor discomfort during the treatment (very minor) & erythema (redness) post treatment however this is reduced due to the cryo facial that is used at the end of each treatment.

We recommend a course of 8 weekly treatments with results being visible following the 2nd treatment. Theses will continue to improve throughout the duration of the course. Maintenance treatments may be recommended by your 3D-Hydro2 Facial specialist to ensure long lasting results.

Your therapist will sit with you during a consultation to discuss your facial concerns and will then be able to advise which facial and technologies are best suited to help you.

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Treatment Summary

Learn about every aspect of the treatment here where our clients can expect results lasting over a 12 month period

Procedure Time

Typically between 30-90 mins dependent on the treatment

Recovery Time

No recovery time but the treatment area may be sensitive for 14-21 days


Absolutely no anaesthetic is required, this is a non invasive treatment

Back to work

As soon as you leave the clinic you can return to work, no downtime at all

Duration of results

Our clients can expect to see results develop in the treated area over 8- 12 weeks

Required treatments

3D HIFU Face Lifting requires only one treatment every 12-18 months

*Results may vary from person to person as will the times you can expect to see both results & recoveries.