3D UltimatePro

3D UltimatePro is the next generation multi-technology platform for Body and Face HIFU, Duo Cryolipolysis, Radio Frequency, Shockwave, Cavitation
An stunning set of Treatments for our clients

Why use the 3D UltimatePro

This is one of the finest body contouring machines on the market to date, loved by celebrities and in over 1000 clinics in the UK alone, the 3D-Ultimatepro has been designed using the knowledge gained from our previous success by professionals to create the complete choice for treating fat reduction, cellulite and skin tightening.

This is a system that provides a superior level of operator comfort and ergonomics, while delivering safe, consistent and reproducible clinical treatments. 

Achieve incredible results

Offering four stunning treatments

Our treatment can focus on four treatments which include; Cavitation, Cryolipolysis, Radio Frequency & Shockwave.


Cavitation for overall circumference reduction is the latest non-invasive body contouring treatment for localised fat and deep cellulite.

The new and improved cavitation handpiece covers a larger surface area, providing a more focused application. The ergonomic cavitation head uses the latest 35khz technology for improved results and maximum comfort for you.

Areas that can be improved include larger areas of fat such as abdomen, thighs & muffin tops

MAR-MIUP-19 Cav Head (1)

30 minute session  £90

50 minute session £150

Course of 8 from £630

MAR-MIUP-18 Cryo Head (1)

Areas that can be improved include stubborn areas such as inner thighs, lower abdomen & muffin tops.

Price of treatment per cup £195/ £250


Using the unique combination of electro and cryotherapy, 20-40% of the fat cells in the area treated die naturally and dissolve over the course of several months. Two areas can be treated simultaneously.

The brand new 2019 version cryo heads feature variable temperature Cryo to -10 degrees Celsius which is digitally controlled on the handpiece. The pinpoint temperature control, due to the latest thermostatic safety is accurate to +/-0.5 degrees Celsius.


Radio Frequency now comes with integrated vacuum suction. This improves contact and increases lymphatic drainage benefits. With a face probe and two body probes, more treatment options are available.

The radio frequency energy is controlled and limited to the treatment area. Key advantages are high treatment efficacy, no pain as less energy is required, shorter treatment services and variable depths of penetration.

MAR-MIUP-17 RF Head (1)

There are many areas that can be improved including; areas of loose skin and cellulite, such as bingo wings, lower abdomen & back of thighs

Price per session £120/ Course of 8 £800

MAR-MIUP-16 Shockwave Head (1)

There are many areas that can be improved including; outer and inner thighs, arms, hips, buttocks & stomach.

Price per session £120/ Course of 8 £800


Shockwave therapy works by stimulating fat breakdown, collagen synthesis and lymphatic drainage via the delivery of radial shockwaves. This is the latest technology clinically proven to reduce the appearance of cellulite and increase skin elasticity.

The latest Shockwave handpiece is a robust design that is warranted for 1,000,000 shots.

Supporting our clients with a number of stunning treatments

A special treatment


This treatment is a combination of cavitation, radio frequency & shockwaves. Through this treatment you can expect to see great results in shaping your bum ready for the summer

These results are after only one session

Our popular treatment

This treatment is similar in the methods used to the “Beach bum wanna be” treated where we use a combination of cavitation, radio frequency & shockwaves. Through this treatment you can expect to see great results.

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